It is with great respect and honor that I share the following words from my clients about our work together.

'Jennifer Murdocca put me back together after the worst breakup of my life. I had been to

other therapists in the past for different reasons, and always felt myself not able to trust,

and I never got much out of those sessions. But Jennifer is on a whole different level of

communication.  From our first intake 15 minute call – I felt seen, heard, understood, and felt

she could help me.  Working with Jennifer has allowed me to go back and heal child wounds,

has given me the tools to figure out how to tackle work problems, family issues, relationship issues,

and has given me a deeper understanding of why I do the things I do, and how I can now do them better.

I am more confident and strong in my life because of her.  She has been a gift and has brought me closer

to seeing my own light – from a very, very dark place.  I have made major shifts and changes in my life,

with her help.  I am more successful in my career and in  my friendships because of her.

I couldn’t have imagined when I first embarked on this healing journey, that I would come this far.'  - EBS

'I have met with Jennifer at different points in my life- first as a teenager and again in my mid-twenties-

and in each stage she was empathetic and conveyed a deep understanding of anything I was going through.

She meets you where you’re at in every session, and I was surprised at how much I was able to work through

with her guidance and support. Through therapy with Jennifer, I have deepened my relationship with myself

and learned invaluable techniques to manage my sometimes debilitating anxiety. It’s lovely to know that

wherever I find myself in the future, I can always schedule a session and be confident that Jennifer

will know exactly what I need in that moment.' - K.P.

'I was referred to Jennifer by a close friend and in turn, have referred Jennifer to many of my closest friends.

Jennifer has a special gift- she is an empath and a healer.  She has helped me uncover deep rooted traumas

and guided me through a healing process that I never imagined possible.  I came to Jennifer looking to build

my sense of worth and self love and she has helped me achieve that and more. I feel truly lucky to have

worked with her and can not recommend her more highly to those who seek to know and love themselves

and build deep meaningful connections with others.' -C.T

'I’m so happy to have been referred to Jennifer by multiple good friends who had already experienced

her warm, compassionate, and insightful care. I immediately felt a trust with her that I had not experienced

with therapists in the past. She helped me to see patterns of black and white thinking, intellectualizing painful

thoughts and feelings, and self-criticism that I have struggled with for decades. I was able to share and process

difficult personal events with her in a truly life-changing and meaningful way. I’m so grateful to her for

guiding me toward a new framework for self-analysis and reflection. She is truly a healer and I cannot

thank her enough. ' - A.R.

'If you are searching for a compassionate, brilliant, and nurturing therapist with a wealth

of practical tools to share - look no further. I started seeing Jennifer 7 years ago in a moment

of pure crisis.  I was grieving the sudden death of a parent, coping with childhood sexual trauma,

dependent on a lengthly list of unhealthy coping mechanisms, and completely boundary-less with

the narcissistic mother who caused a lot of my pain. During our years of work Jennifer taught me

how to honor myself, how to give my inner child the care she never got, how to meet myself

where I’m at, and how to speak to myself with compassion for all things. I never thought I’d be

able to “thank” my eating disorder for helping me cope, or to “thank” my dependence on drugs

and alcohol when I had no other tools. But because of Jennifer I’m now able to show gratitude

towards things that once brought me deep shame and that has made all the difference.

Through our work together I’ve learned how to listen to what my nervous system is telling me,

instead of constantly overriding it. I thrive with boundaries instead of being scared of them.

I have a treasure trove of toolsto help me cope in healthy, non self-destructive ways.

And most importantly, I finally feel like I know how to securely love and be loved.

Jennifer is hands down the best therapist I’ve ever seen and I can not recommend her enough.' - W.B.

'Jennifer gave me the  gift of her hope and confidence during the painful journey of

learning to choose myself that I felt was unavoidable but so unequipped to navigate alone.

Jennifer’s patience, curiosity, and understanding of me felt so effortless that I soon trusted

our sessions together to loosen the grip on my fears, sit in my pain, and learn to choose and

honor myself.  Over time, I felt the shift from struggle to the possibility that maybe I could

even enjoy the journey to know, listen to, and love myself as Jennifer so clearly approached

our work together.' - Z.T.


'Jennifer's personality is warm and inviting, and even in an online format she creates a

soothing atmosphere during her sessions. Over the years, Jennifer has helped me

learn effective coping strategies for navigating life with a chronic illness, grieve the loss

of things I can't do because of my disability, and reframe old negative thought patterns

with a more mindful and positive outlook."  - E.S.

space = grace

J  e n  n  i  f  e  r   M  u  r  d  o  c  c  a,   MA, MFT #45017

​Licensed Pasadena Psychotherapist - ​Los Angeles




‘Although it was somewhat of a short-time spent with Jennifer (due to my cross country move) I was so grateful for her willingness to jump in and offer her help and

guidance that I SO desperately needed. I was postpartum and struggling with loneliness, serious lack of sleep and anxiety.  Jennifer’s presence in the room was tangible and experiential, easily breaking through barriers I had put up to cope that were no longer serving me. I felt like I was surviving the early stages of motherhood and not thriving until I started allowing the feelings to surface and not bury them. Jennifer definitely offered a safe space for me to share. She helped me not only see a way through, but also experience presence and healing in my body/whole self.I was especially grateful for her ability to sit in the pain with me and gently guide me back to the now when I would try to push down painful emotions. I wish I had found Jennifer earlier after I had my baby.  It was also amazing to bring my baby to therapy :)  It was especially healing to have all three of us in the room. Thank you so so so much for everything.’  - B.W.

'My experience with Jennifer was extremely positive and set a tone for profound change in my life that I never believed was possible.  Jennifer is a wonderful listener and helped me reflect upon and understand parts of myself that I didn’t know were there, needed attention, and had a voice.  Jennifer creates a safe and grounded space for personal work to be done and guides with a gentle approach that focuses on emotions, body sensation, and unweaving our stories and beliefs about ourselves. Jennifer is kind, warm-hearted, welcoming, deeply compassionate, and empathetic. I highly recommend Jennifer, she is truly gifted at what she does.'  -  J.C.

'I  met Jennifer over 7 years ago and I can truly say she changed my life.  Jennifer’s counseling has helped me through very difficult times (my divorce and all that comes with that) and now building a better life for me and my children. Her compassion and guidance have guided me at times where i felt lost.  She has improved my life in many positive ways. Excellent therapist.'  - R.S.

'Through my journey with Jennifer I have overcome cycles of depression that I thought would burden me for the whole of my life. Her kind, gentle support has enabled me to delve much deeper into myself than I ever thought possible, and from this place true healing continues to occur. Her flexibly and responsiveness has allowed our relationship to develop as was needed for each new obstacle and she has equipped me with a tool box that has gotten me though tough times and  we continue to add to it with each session.  I am eternally grateful for her presence in my life.'  G.S.

'I  cherish my time with Jennifer because there is no space in my life more dedicated to the most challenging questions, to the truest feelings and to the continued pursuit of self-exploration than in our shared time together. 

Although I initially came to Jennifer many years ago when I was suffering from depression, our work together has since evolved and now addresses what, for me, are the most exciting and meaningful aspects of being an individual alive in the world -- the exploration of one’s own inner life and spirituality, understanding identity and cultural constructions, the pursuit of aspirations and developing real connection with others. 

My highest compliment to Jennifer is that
she helps me understand the ways in which I can be the most integral and valuable source of support in my own life.Through tools such as meditation, reflection and mindfulness, she has showed me the ways in which I can approach the challenges of life and ultimately foster an on-going process of self-growth. The bi-product being that my sense of resilience has deepened. 

Our deep therapy work together has been particularly transformative for my relationship with myself, in all of its different expressions.Through Jennifer’s guidance, we’ve explored the deepest layers of memory, emotion and experience during our therapy work. These sessions have allowed me to re-interpret and re-imagine my past and myself, granting me the opportunity in the present to positively impact my understanding of self within the world. I’ve been so grateful for the chance to understand experience and emotions on this level and it’s my great trust in Jennifer that has help make this was possible. Through the process, my inner life has become more vibrant and free and I’ve witnessed my relationship to my creative work and the world around me thrive. 

My work with Jennifer has been the most rewarding journey of my adult life, defined by self-discovery, growth and empowerment. She has supported and provided me with the tools necessary to engage more deeply with myself, my dreams for the future, and with the people who are important to me in my life and I would recommend her with the highest regard.'  - D.K.

'Since I began coming to therapy sessions with Jennifer,I have experienced changes in myself that I didn’t know were possible.With her warm and gentle, accepting approach, I have experienced the ability to truly trust someone, and feel safe to look at difficult issues.I was worried at first to reveal anything about myself that would be seen as a fault; I was afraid I would be seen as a bad mother, or be judged for being wrong or making mistakes.  Jennifer is compassionate and non-judgmental,and over time I have grown a sense of trust in our relationship in therapy that I haven’t experienced in other relationships. It has given me confidence and courage to learn more about myself, examine and sit with my own pain, and take risks in sharing myself in other relationships.I have also experienced a shift from perceiving myself as wrong and bad, into a sense of being capable and strong, more able to accept myself. I appreciate Jennifer’s willingness to ask me difficult questions—to gently encourage me to look at things I’m not aware of. This is where I’ve experienced a lot of change—Jennifer will ask me something, and the question will stay with me for a long time. I then begin to notice behaviors, or feelings, that I hadn’t been aware of.  I’m so glad to have the support of Jennifer in my life, she has been a rock for me to count on in tumultuous times. (I really mean it!)' I.S.

'My girlfriend and i knew we had something special and didn't want anything to get in the way of that.   However, we had challenges from the get-go and needed help.  We especially needed help in communicating with each other properly.  That seemed to really be getting int he way of our relationship.  Jennifer helped us immediately.  She helped us to really focus on our feelings and how certain things made us feel instead of pointing the finger at each other's faultswhich wasn't getting us anywhere.  I had been to other therapists but there were specific things that separated Jennifer from others.  Jennifer is very direct and on point.  She keeps the sessions highly focused and doesn't let you avoid facing things. This is an area that other therapists, from my experience, don't feel comfortable with.  Jennifer isn't afraid to ask the difficult questions but does so in a very compassionate and loving way.  She creates such a safe, comfortable and warm environment that helps one to really open up.  My relationship with my significant other has evolved so much.  Our communication is much better and we continue to use the tools that Jennifer has put in place for us. I have already referred people to Jennifer and will continue to.  If we had more people that were as helpful as Jennifer, well, the world would be a better and healthier place.  Thank you for everything, Jennifer.'   - L & L (COUPLE)

'I have come so far thanks to Jennifer's guidance.  Despite spending 24 hours a day in my body for 36 years, I didn't recognize how little I understood about how my previous life experiences impacted me and my family. I am a more emotionally confident person today and feel much more capable of taking on the challenges that formerly left me feeling quite helpless.  I will be forever grateful for that first telephone call Jennifer made to me to assist me in crisis.  I get teary-eyed just thinking about how emotionally exhausted I was and how relieved I was to know that Jennifer could help me find some peace.  I always felt very safe sharing my concerns and stressors in session.  Jennifer was a non-judgmental witness to the history of my physical and emotional experiences.   Jennifer was supportive of my feelings but also challenged me to think about how to take more power of my emotional security.   I often found myself saying: 'What would Jennifer say about how I can handle this?'  - C. 

'Thanks to Jennifer, I have my old life back.   After the birth of my first child, I suffered from Postpartum Depression.  She helped me navigate the painful road of Postpartum Depression and made me realize that I wasn't alone.  She helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel andmore importantly, she always always gave me hope.  I still see her two years after my first consultation.  She is kind, warm, and a wonderful professional.  I hope every woman going through Postpartum Depression has the chance to work with someone like Jennifer.'   -  C.A. 

"Jennifer helped my husband and I get through a bump in our relationship, and has been a supportive, compassionate voice for me alone and for my teenage daughter. She offers practicality mixed with a deep sense of understanding. She has directed each of us to better self-awareness and self-care."  - K.D.

'Working with Jennifer gave me a forum to be honest with myself and another person.  There was a comfort ​and trust with Jennifer from the first session.  She helped me to develop an awareness that enabled me to better deal with my problems.  I am forever grateful for her support and guidance.'​   - B.B.