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"I don't view my clients as needing to be 'fixed.'

I view clients' self defeating, negative behaviors as creative, adaptive responses that once were life-savers but are now limit-makers.

These well-meaning but often self sabotaging behaviors can shift.  With attuned support, clients can learn how to access the resources they are already exquisitely designed with to create the changes they seek."

You Are Your Own Healer...

"​ We can learn to be present with our struggles

in this very moment

with a spirit of

curiosity, kindness and compassion.  

This capacity naturally resides within us but sometimes we need help gaining access..."

Mendocino, CA  2015

J  e n  n  i  f  e  r   M  u  r  d  o  c  c  a,   MA, MFT #45017

​Licensed Pasadena Psychotherapist - ​Los Angeles